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Homophobie funktioniert wie ein schlechter Horrorfilm. Man glaubt immer zu wissen, was gleich kommt, und das Unglaubliche ist, dass es dann auch so kommt. Die Faszination liegt in der unbeirrbaren Vorhersehbarkeit. Man denkt: Das können die doch jetzt nicht machen! Doch. Können sie.
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Best political cartoons prt. 2 via Twitter

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"Whenever Indian society talks of rape, the narrative of the average Indian woman who needs to be protected refers to a certain kind of woman only. Who is this woman? She is middle class, young, able-bodied, Hindu, upper caste, heterosexual, married, or marriage-able. They are not talking about Dalit women, tribal women, Christian women, Muslim women, sexual minorities - lesbian or transgendered women, differently-abled women or divorced women. They are totally excluded, because they are seen as outsiders by the social system. This is how patriarchy operates."
Geeta Charusivam, feminist and social activist (via indizombie)
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i am angry

The thing you hear adults call teenagers the most after ‘lazy’ is angry.
Why are you so angry?

The other day I was making a scrapbook for a school assignment and I was reading newspaper articles for it. The first thing I find is an article about the water crisis and global warming and hey, if we don’t do anything then in a couple of years a billion more people will lack access to water!
The we is my generation.

A few flicks later the journalist comments on the ‘situation’ in Gaza, links it to Egypt and Libya and Palestine, and I read through the deaths as a crying little girl watches me from the top of the page. ‘The conflict is ongoing, but the UN is hesitant to interfere’, because we all know the situation can only worsen and then ‘we’ can deal with it.

I drop the newspaper and turn to magazines- after a moment, side to side, lie an article informing women on what is too prudish and what is to slutty and a column about what kind of girls to go for during the holidays.
Here, there is no ‘we’, because there is no problem in sight.

On my phone I am assailed by reports from Ferguson, but the shock is not great because I’ve gotten used to the tear gas and images of dead black kids labeled criminals by the people meant to protect them.

Then there is news on the economic crisis.

Why am I angry?

Because if you say wars, women repressed, economic crisis and black people horribly mistreated, I won’t be able to tell if you’re talking about 1930 or 2014, unless you add in pollution and overpopulation.

I am angry because we are called lazy when we are under more pressure than anyone before us.

I am angry because we are called materialistic. We don’t want the Lamborghini, we want a job!
We don’t want a mansion, we want peace- for a day, a week, please!
We don’t want a giant TV, we want someone to patch up the hole in the ozone layer, or maybe give us some equality, but that someone won’t be the ones who created this mess!

I am angry because I am 80% disillusioned, 10% worried and 10% hoping for the bright future we were lead to hope for until we realized we were meant to make it happen!

I am angry because when the world’s problems aren’t ignored, the world is criticized, and no one bothers to think that they have made it this way!

I am angry because I can say sexism, racism, homophobia, war, disease, pollution, and go on for years, but the older generation will prefer to call us the selfie generation than do anything to fix them!

I am angry because #yolo is trending without knowing that it’s true because we don’t know if we’ll even have a chance at a future.

I am angry, yes, because you have messed up this world for us to fix, but I don’t know if we can fix it.

But yeah, ask me again why I’m angry.

a few words typed without thinking (via am-artist)
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All this for one murderer, who wore the same badge as those gassing and firing on the people they swore to protect. #staywoke #neverforget #nojusticenopeace 

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what if in between every class period instead of a bell it was one of the hannah montana transitions like “oh oh yeah oh oh ooh wooahhh” and on the way to lunch its like “yeah YEAH” and to chemistry its “oh oh woah oh woah woah”

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